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csi_ny_identity's Journal

Who is your NYPD identity?
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A stamping community dedicated the to CBS show CSI:NY

Comm Rules


Application and Stamps are HERE!

Vote! Vote! Vote! Much internet cookies and love with come your way if you vote on all unstamped applications :D You won't be stamped without some evidence of prior voting. In the case that there are no open apps, please say so in your own app, but try to vote on others that are posted after yours.

Please use an lj cut [If you're not sure how, just ask! :)]. We have to be nice to friends pages :D

Try to be as detailed as possible in your answers, it will make voting much easier and more true to you.

To show you have been a good girl or boy, by reading the rules, please include some lyrics from CSI:NY's theme song, Baba O'Reilly in the CUT line. Subject line can be what you want. For themes, cuts can be what you want ^_^

Try your best to use tags. Even if its just the NEEDS VOTES and each particular theme, that would be smashing :)

After 5/6 votes and a clear majority you will be stamped. If there is a tie and its not broken for a while, I will break it so you shouldn't have to wait too long!


When posting a vote, try to keep options to a minimum of two. While most people don't always fit a certain character perfectly, its harder to get someone stamped if there are lots of options thrown out in each vote.

Bold is your friend, especially if you are including more than one option or an explanation for your choice. If something has been bolded then it will be taken as an official vote. Please note that not all included options need be a proper vote. They can be put down merely as a suggestion if perhaps only a certain part of someone's app fits.

A lot of people [myself included] quite like to know why they are being voted as a certain character. It is not mandatory, but if you can, please include a few reasons for your votes. As well as that, please, no sheeping. We're all here to have fun and be stamped, but if someone just votes for the same character without really reading the app to serve their own purposes, its not very fair. If you agree with a vote, by all means do so, but please be as honest as possible.

I hate to get all bossy mod, but I just want one big rule to be clear:

I, personally, am okay with swearing in the comm since the LJ code requires users to be over 13. However, if I see or hear of any one being rude, sexist, racist etc or making sexually explict comments I will give you a warning. If it continues you will be ejected from the community. YOU HAZ BEEN WARNED

Overall I just want everyone to have fun! So go get applying and voting, collect those stamps and stay active! :D


If you would like to affiliate, comment on THIS entry.


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[I'm a member of most of the comms listed here and they're all great fun and are run by fabby mods!!]

Beautiful stamps were made by the awesome starlord