Hawkes Shiny!
I am really really sorry this comm has died recently, but I'd love to get it back on its feet! Please vote on all the OPEN APPS. There are only four. :D

I'd like to promo a new comm while I'm here! I was naughty and stole the graphic XD

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Its all about matching on a purely superficial level! It's an awesome concept so get joining. There are three themes to choose from so far.

I'm also thinking up some new themes, but any suggestions would be most welcome. Please just reply here and I'll pester my stamp maker! Thanks guys!

stamped as lindsay -- mirror theme :)
CSINY//and I'm walking
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Stamped as Flack - Mirror Theme!
Tony Stark
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Hawkes Shiny!
Hey guys! Time for our first theme! I realise its totally died around here lately, but I thought a theme might breathe some life into the comm :D I'm going to try do some more promos. Don't forget to invite your friends! ^_^

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I you can make sure you vote on lots of new apps and make sure you use the needs votes tag that would be awesome :D

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comics; star-lord
With Louisa's permission. :)

A stamping community for the new Doctor Who series.

In Need for ID
Kili || The Hobbit
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Hey guys!
Tony Stark
First off could I get you to vote on Harrie's entry and Kaila's entry please. They've been waiting a while to be stamped. I think I may be going to launch a new theme soon, so the more stamped the better :)

And now for something completely different!


spn_stamps spn_stamps spn_stamps

Come join up! Its still under construction, but it shouldn't be long. I'm working on character bios and starlord is making stamps! :D

spn_stamps spn_stamps spn_stamps

Thank you!

Hello guys!
Tony Stark
 Hey guys! If you haven't posted an app yet, but have joined, get on that! More stamped members the better. Then we can move onto themes :D

Also promotion is always good! Convince your friends to join or nick the banner to post elsewhere. Lets get the membership into double figures!

Also if you get a mo, vote on our latest new application. Thanks! :D

Tony Stark
 Hello everyone! I just want to do a little promo for a comm thats gone quiet before it really got started [kinda like this one, please promote this to your friends or in any comms!]

blade_stamping - Go join! The Blade movies are super! :D

Also, if you haven't done so already please vote on all the apps that need votes. We have a few stamped members but some people are still waiting. Thanks so much ^_^

Well if the Empire State Building didn't do it, what did?
Lay Back Sherlock
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