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Hawkes Shiny!
behindgrey_eyes wrote in csi_ny_identity
I am really really sorry this comm has died recently, but I'd love to get it back on its feet! Please vote on all the OPEN APPS. There are only four. :D

I'd like to promo a new comm while I'm here! I was naughty and stole the graphic XD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Its all about matching on a purely superficial level! It's an awesome concept so get joining. There are three themes to choose from so far.

I'm also thinking up some new themes, but any suggestions would be most welcome. Please just reply here and I'll pester my stamp maker! Thanks guys!

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I just promoted this at my other dying comms as well and now my Friends-page looks all lovely with several repeats of that banner. XD And feel free to steal!

I have no ideas for themes since I don't watch the show nowhere near enough, but I'll be waiting for you to pester me!

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